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Fall Weekend Getaway Essentials

Weekend Getaway Bag Essentials Gerard Bertrand Wine Cookie Butter Ferrer Roche 1 1 - Fall Weekend Getaway Essentials

Packing a bag for a weekend getaway can be a bit stressful. You don’t want to bring too much with you, but you also want to make sure you have everything you’re going to need. This becomes particularly tricky when it’s a Fall getaway… the cool breeze, the nights by the fire, the Autumn leaf nature walks. You need to find a balance between romance and practicality. So, to help out with this tricky first-world problem, I’ve put together some Fall essentials to help get your weekend getaway bag off to the right start.

As you may notice, over 50% of the suggested essentials are food and drink products. Some might find this a waste of precious luggage real estate. I find this to be proper prioritizing. And my guess is that if you’re one of our loyal followers, then you would agree with me. Yes, I have the practical items that my mother would be proud of: Chunky knit scarf, warm gloves. I also have some other girly necessities like lipstick, perfume, and a necklace staple. Enough of the basics, let’s break down the good stuff: Food and booze! 

Weekend Getaway Bag Essentials Gerard Bertrand Wine Cookie Butter Ferrer Roche - Fall Weekend Getaway Essentials

We’ve got biscuits. We’ve got Biscoff Cookie Butter (if you haven’t tried this yet, then you haven’t fully lived). We’ve got Ferrero Raffaellos. Why these three things in particular? Because you’re going to be doing intense walks through the countryside and you’ll need to keep your blood sugar stable. It’s just the responsible adult thing to do. And lastly, you’ll need some good booze. Why? Because if you’ve ever excitedly ordered wine from room service, then you know that your joy is instantly shattered the minute you receive the bill. $15 for a 1/3rd-filled glass of un-branded red wine?! Gerard Bertrand’s Cote des Roses is an excellent bottle to stash in your bag. Not only is it dashingly pretty, it is a lovely light floral rose. It will satisfy your wine needs, while pleasantly ditching the morning-after hangover so you can continue to enjoy your getaway. An extra plus? Cote des Roses doesn’t require a bottle opener and comes with an ingenious glass stopper, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the hardware at home.  

Weekend Getaway Bag Essentials Gerard Bertrand Wine Cookie Butter Ferrer Roche  - Fall Weekend Getaway Essentials

See? Aren’t you glad I’ve done the hard research ahead of time for you? Now all you have to do is pack, travel, and enjoy! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to send me a postcard!

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the whimsical life of accidental photographer, stylist, & writer, Sam. Her approachable and fun style has received critical acclaim from such media outlets as The Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed. In addition to running a successful photography & content creation business, Sam also serves as a contributing writer for Liquor.com and Scary Mommy.

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