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Best Recipes of the Week

Earl Grey Tea Milk Tart by Drizzle and Dip - Best Recipes of the Week

A few years ago, I received an email from a company I had never heard of… Pinterest. They were a start-up that was going to be launching a revolutionary website and they wanted to know if I would be a Beta-tester. Not one to turn down being on the forefront of revolution, I said “Hell yeah” and started my quick descent into pinning oblivion. By the time the website was officially open for public consumption, I was hooked. But what I didn’t know was that I was about to be launched into Pinterest fame and glory. The company suggested The Frosted Petticoat profile like crazy to new users and we quickly racked up followers. Now with 150,000+ loyal followers on the site, we are considered a top Pinner and I still serve on the company’s Beta-testing team. Unlimited secret boards? That was me and yes, you’re welcome.

As the years and the site evolved, I realized that my pinning actions were becoming more and more influential. If I pinned a recipe to my ‘Sweets’ board, then it would get hundreds if not thousands of repins. I began to be contacted by bloggers, news organizations, and even retail brands, begging me to pin one of their pictures into my boards. Oh the power! Sometimes I oblige, but more often than not I decline. I take the integrity and quality of The Frosted Petticoat very seriously and will never do anything to compromise that. You can take that to the bank, my friend. Due to all this influence, the most common email that floods my box every day is actually about Pinterest. Where can I find that knife you pinned last week? Do you know an oil substitute for that cake pin? Why the hell did you pin a fruit tart recipe in your dessert board, I don’t like fruit tarts?! People tend to get a bit attached to the boards. But by far the question I get posed almost daily is, ‘What is your favorite pin?’.

Honestly, I have a new favorite pin every few hours. It is truly amazing the access to amazing content you get on that site! So, to quell the raging fire that is the million dollar question, I’ve decided I’ll start this series. I’ll round-up my favorite recipe pins of the week from the best chefs and food bloggers. Then I’ll share them with you here and give you all the proper references to try the recipes out yourself. Sound good? Are you going to stop emailing me? Okay, good. Without further ado, let’s get our cook on!

Rose Water Cointreau Fizz by A Pair and A Spare - Best Recipes of the Week

Rose Water Cointreau Fizz

By A Pair & A Spare

Pin link here. Direct recipe link here.

Earl Grey Tea Milk Tart by Drizzle and Dip - Best Recipes of the Week

Earl Grey Tea Milk Tart

By Drizzle & Dip

Pin link here. Direct recipe link here.

Game Day Chili by How Sweets Eats - Best Recipes of the Week

Game Day Beer Chili

By How Sweet It Is

Pin link here. Direct recipe link here.

Chai Latte with Tahini by Will Frolic for Food - Best Recipes of the Week

Date-Sweetened Vegan Chai Latte with Tahini

By Will Frolic for Food

Pin link here. Direct recipe link here.


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