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September Kitchen Artillery

September foodie kitchen appliances giveaway 1 - September Kitchen Artillery

Most people assume that the only perk of my job as founder and head eccentric here at The Frosted Petticoat is that I get to eat all the leftover photo shoot food. Well, yes that is true, but it it isn’t the only major perk. The other, beside my ever-expanding waistline, you ask? SWAG! Oh me, oh my do we get sent a lot of free products. From juicers to bottles of alcohol, our mailbox is always full. We get so much, that we no longer have a place to store all this stuff and our family/friends are no longer graciously accepting our copious gifts.

But lucky for you, I had an epiphany the other day. Why not give it to you, my lovely reader?! Yes, I should have thought of this genius move a bit earlier, but hey I am a busy working mom and coffee can only fuel so many functioning brain cells at a time. From here on out, we’re keeping the booze, but giving away the best of all the rest to you. So today we present to you our favorite September Kitchen Artillery items that you need in your home… and one of you will actually get it! Enter to win below!

September foodie kitchen appliances giveaway 4 - September Kitchen Artillery

Aluminum Burger Press

September foodie kitchen appliances giveaway 5 - September Kitchen Artillery

Spiralizer Slicer

September foodie kitchen appliances giveaway 6 - September Kitchen Artillery

Manual Coffee Grinder

September foodie kitchen appliances giveaway 7 - September Kitchen Artillery

Ice Ball Maker

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Good luck!

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