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Skinny Cherry Lassi Shooters

Cherry Lassi Shooters featuring SkinnyGirl

This post was sponsored by Skinnygirl as part of an Influencer Activation. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

One of the many perks of running a food styling and recipe development business is that I am often one of the first to try newly released food products. Let me paint a mental picture for you: In a brightly lit, impeccably clean test kitchen, while wearing a crisp white apron I discerningly examine and sample a meticulously portioned piece of an edible retail product and then thoughtfully write down tasting notes to be reviewed later. Oh, who am I kidding? In reality, I gluttonously rip open the packaging, plop down on the couch during my daughter’s naptime in my comfy yoga pants, and ravenously eat (or drink!) whatever the food brand has shipped to me, usually reveling in the guilt-laden and calorie-filled extravagance… don’t judge, it’s a well formulated scientific method.

I was recently shipped a box of new Skinnygirl products to test out and got to experience all the joys of my methodical taste-testing experience, minus the guilt of consuming copious amounts of calories in the name of work. If you are not previous acquainted, Skinnygirl is a health-conscience brand focused on portion control and balance. The brainchild of Bethenny Frankel, the line is formulated to offer the busy, working woman with both indulgent, yet healthy snack and drink options. And the products accomplish just that. As a working mom myself, I want to maintain balanced eating habits without constantly feeling like I am on a torturous diet. From 100-calorie dark chocolate bars to Sangria Hibiscus Herbal Tea, the line is filled with health-conscious snacking options that actually taste delicious while boasting high quality, nutritional content.  

In particular, I loved the Skinnygirl White Cherry Water Enhancer. It is a great way to give your water a little extra flavor, while satisfying your craving for soda… don’t deny it, you know you fantasize about a cold bottle of sugary goodness throughout the day. This was also a stand-out in the line of products because it can be used as a flavorful ingredient to spruce up a tired smoothie recipe. Need an example? Then try out my Cherry Lassi shooters, featuring the delightful additive. Easy, protein-filled, and delicious, it’s a fun way to incorporate the Skinnygirl product into your balanced lifestyle.

[yumprint-recipe id=’183′]Cherry Lassi Shooters featuring SkinnyGirl Cherry Lassi Shooters featuring SkinnyGirl Cherry Lassi Shooters featuring SkinnyGirl Cherry Lassi Shooters featuring SkinnyGirl Cherry Lassi Shooters featuring SkinnyGirl Cherry Lassi Shooters featuring SkinnyGirl products

Special thanks to Skinnygirl for letting me loose on their products. Get your hands on some of these goodies by locating the nearest retailer here.

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