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Seven Daughters Moscato Veneto

Seven Daughters Moscato Wine  - Seven Daughters Moscato Veneto

There are two categories of people that go to the beach: the boring and the fun. The boring ones are those that pack things like goldfish crackers, visors, and long-sleeve rash guards. You know who you are! The fun people, on the other hand, are the ones that kick off their shoes the minute the gravel turns into sand and bring along an icebox filled with the #1 essential for a good day at the beach… booze! Whether you are a shore-dwelling bird or a water-bound mermaid, you always have two things on hand for a trip to the ocean: a bathing suit and wine. The problem with bringing wine on these excursions is the inevitable trouble you have lugging it around and popping open the elusive bottle. Not to mention having to serve it in breakable glass. Lucky for us fun people, Seven Daughters has the solution. Canned wine, baby!

As part of my super hard job, I was charged with the difficult task of taste-testing these little cans of awesomeness. So like any good investigative journalist, I immediately lathered myself in sunscreen, popped on a bathing suit, and headed poolside. I then proceeded to spend the afternoon sipping and sunbathing by the water, you know, for science’s sake. This would probably be a good place to mention that we’re currently seeking interns to join the staff, right?

Alright, back on point… the Moscato Veneto was absolutely fabulous. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical about drinking wine from a can – everything I have ever learned or been told generally warns against drinking such a fine liquid from anything other than a bottle and perfectly crafted stemware. However, the quality in flavor was seemingly uncompromised from being stored in a can. And honestly, the ease of transport and allure of sipping straight from an individual serving was an unparalleled experience. I still would recommend a bottle of Seven Daughters wine over cans in most circumstances, but the simple convenience of the canned version for picnics, festivals, or a day on the beach is well worth the minor bruise to your sense of sophistication. Plus, it is just kind of fun and novel to drink wine out of something that looks like a pretty soda can.

Seven Daughters Moscato Wine - Seven Daughters Moscato Veneto Seven Daughters Moscato Wine 1 1 - Seven Daughters Moscato Veneto Seven Daughters Moscato Wine 1 2 - Seven Daughters Moscato Veneto

Overall review, Seven Daughters’ Moscato Veneto is a easy solution to the beach-booze dilemma. Special thanks to Seven Daughters for providing me with the tools for a pretty awesome workday!

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

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