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How to Shuck an Oyster

How to Shuck an Oyster - How to Shuck an Oyster It’s the middle of June and so comes the seaside adventures. As the weather heats up, you’re probably finding yourself eating a hell of a lot more seafood than usual. From blacked fish tacos to miso brazed salmon, it’s an absolutely delicious time of the year to eat as much of the ocean’s fare as you can get your hands on. But there’s one elusive dish that can often pose a major challenge for the inexperienced seafoodie… oysters. Personally, when an oyster dish is placed on a table in front of me, I avoid it like a 16th Century city-dweller avoids the plague. It’s not that I don’t like the taste of oysters, in fact I think they’re quite delectable. I just have no clue how to open the suckers and I’m in no rush to live out a “Pretty Woman”-esque escargot fiasco. Anyone else suffer from this mollusk fear? Well perchance you do, let’s hold hands and walk together through a tutorial on how to properly shuck an oyster. Oh, and while we’re at it, check out the stunningly unique wedding of Meredith and James. Married at the farm of the bride’s parents in Virginia, this idyllic day was made even more perfect with a majorly cool oyster bar. “My dad’s only request was that we have a true Eastern Shore oyster roast during cocktail hour complete with ‘shore boys’ shucking oysters from a classic wooden skiff”, described Meredith. Well, that sure did make for an amazing cocktail hour, wouldn’t you say?!

  1. Fresh Oysters
  2. Oyster knife
  3. Hand towel or glove
  1. Find the hinge and top of the oyster shell. The top will be the flatter side.
  2. Place the hand towel or glove on your least dominate hand. Hold the oyster with the top facing up and the hinge towards your body, gripping the opposite end with your fingers.
  3. Gently insert the knife into the hinge and twist open the shell (should have a popping sensation). Then run the knife along the inside edge of the shell to completely open.
  4. Take off the top shell carefully, so as not to upset the juice (or “nectar”) pooled in the bottom shell with the meat.
  5. Carefully separate the meat from the shell using the knife and enjoy!

Oyster themed wedding 5 - How to Shuck an Oyster Oyster themed wedding 3 - How to Shuck an Oyster How to Shuck an Oyster 1 1 - How to Shuck an Oyster How to Shuck an Oyster 2 - How to Shuck an Oyster How to Shuck an Oyster 3 - How to Shuck an Oyster Oyster themed wedding 2 - How to Shuck an Oyster Photographer:  Captured by Kate Photography//Dress Store: Pure English Couture Bridal//Event Designer:  ocracoke style//Caterer: Chef By Design //Equipment Rentals:Distinctive Event Rentals//Cinema and Video: Vision Quest Productions // Hand-constructed Arbors: Dean Wilkins General Builder // Officiant: Ben Weast (Duke Cancer Center; patient counselor) // Cake: Lenka Harvey // Hair: Dmitry Irshinskiy –Chez Madeleine Salon // Makeup: Ashley Fetterman Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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