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Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation

Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation 2 - Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation

Summer design is synonymous with beachy style. And if you Google “Summer Interior Design”, you’ll get a plethora of turquoise walls, starfish decor, and linen couches. This is a tried and true coastal style, but I wanted to highlight a more simplistic, subtle way to incorporate a warm-weather feel into your interiors. The husband and wife team of Kennedy Development recently renovated this home to give it a coastal feel. So let’s walk through this crisp design and analyze what makes it coastal, shall we?

When initially looking at the kitchen, it clearly has a summery ambiance but the reasons aren’t glaringly obvious. Upon closer inspection, the coastal touches reveal themselves and add credence to the wise saying “less is more”. To start, you’ll notice the cabinetry has crisp, clean lines and is painted in a vibrant white. Additionally the countertop’s glossy white finish blends seamlessly in with the white tiled backsplash. This large white centerpiece pops out against the sand-colored wall paint. The look is finished off with a rustic dark wood floor, with a nod to the wood planks of a ship or seaside boardwalk. These three colors, the crisp white, sandy beige, and rustic dark brown, encompass a simplistic coastal theme without the traditional blues and tropical tones normally found in such designs. 

The finer details finish off the beachy feel with almost subliminal touches that aren’t immediately obvious. The light wicker chairs around the table bring the feel of outdoor patio furniture in. The wicker color also hints at a driftwood color scheme and the modern white seat cushions have the look of sleek poolside cabana cushions. The cherry on top finalizing the coastal feel is the accented tropical fruit, lending pops of color to the clean, summery slate. So if you’re looking for a more simplistic, yet warm-weather kitchen design, this is certainly one to emulate. It’s more relaxed approach to coastal chic is perfectly appropriate for a calming summer retreat.  

Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation 3 - Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation 4 - Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation 1 - Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation



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