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Quick Macaron Decor

Edible Lace Decoration 1 - Quick Macaron Decor

For those of you that are avid readers, then you know I have a few (lazy) hosting tricks up my sleeve. From making “professional” cakes in your home to creating the perfect sangria station, I’ve perfected the art of expert hosting deception. But hey, I’m a busy working mom, so I take pride in my party hacks. Well, today I’ve got another shortcut to make your next dessert table scream of slaved-over perfection (without the actual slaving-over!).  These gorgeously artful macarons from The Sugar Shack are fabulously wonderful if you can get your hands on them. But if not, then here’s how to create your own little macaron museum pieces. So buy a set of pre-made macarons at your local bakery and get painting…

To recreate the lace decor on the macarons, all you need is a piece of pretty lace and mist food coloring. That’s right, mist food coloring actually exists! 

Mist Food Coloring - Quick Macaron Decor

Place the lace tightly over the top of the macaron, quickly spray it with the mist food coloring, and voila! You’ve got yourself a gorgeously decorated cookie, my friend. 

To add a 3-D effect, get some packaged piping gel or frosting and pipe on simple designs for a little extra pizzazz. It’s that simple!

Sea Foam Decorating Shimmer Gel 300x300 - Quick Macaron Decor

And lastly, if you’re looking to add a bit of bling to the cookie, then there’s nothing easier than gold dust. Mix it in with a few drops of high-proof alcohol and paint it on with a brush.

Edible Pearl Dust 300x300 - Quick Macaron Decor

Super easy hosting hacks that are sure to make your life a bit easier. And if you happen to be in Sioux City, Iowa then save yourself some time and just order up some of The Sugar Shack’s gorgeous sweets.

Edible Lace Decoration 2 - Quick Macaron Decor Edible Lace Decoration 3 - Quick Macaron Decor Edible Lace Decoration - Quick Macaron Decor Edible Lace Decoration  - Quick Macaron Decor

Photographer:  Impressions Photography//Cake Designer: Sugar Shack Bakery

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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