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I have a bone to pick with inventors.  You’ve had plenty of time and still haven’t come up with the technology I need!  Willy Wonka practically handed it to you on a silver platter, but do I see it in existence? No!  That’s right, I need Wonka Vision!  I want to be watching TV or looking at photos on the internet and be able to reach in and grab items.  Is that too much to ask?!  Today’s post is the perfect example of when I feel in desperate need of this technology.  Retro pastels, tutus, tea, macarons… it’s enough to make a stylish girl go mad!  So as I sit here and lament over the world’s lack of whimsical inventiveness, I invite you to join in my agony as you witness the most spectacular, most dreamy bridal shower to have ever existed.  Event designer, Mlle Artsy, describes all the delicious details:

This dream bridal shower is a combination of both of my favorite pastel colors and a theme that every little girl would die for; A cute little vintage chic tea party in blush and mint. All this held in the historical garden of the Chateau Ramezay in Montreal. It was simply magical! For my beautiful bride and her bridesmaids, I envisioned a chic Victorian decor but with a little retro touch to it. That girly one, with the pastel colors, the polka dot and the bold floral pattern. The inspiration behind it is really a mix of everything I am completely crazy about… and I know I am not the only one!

I decided to start by drawing a floral oval frame for the invitations. I added the text and voila! I used paper doilies to create the envelopes and punched some hearts and dots in the remaining sequin paper I had from the garland. Created cute little confetti and made it super girly.

With the help of Mlle Vintage, we elaborated a beautiful lounge for our girls. On one side, a large gold ornate mirror was placed with matching side tables where sweets, tea and jewellery awaited our bride. I found that easy paper bow garland tutorial on the web for the gold mirror: I picked out beautiful gold and blush sequin paper and printed out some floral and polka dot pattern paper and tackled the project. Was super easy to make and the result looked great! On the other side a beautifully carved blush loveseat and a dresser full of dresses and tutus completed the set for our bridesmaids to play dress up. The ambiance was finally achieved by adding Mlle Vintage’s beautiful Gramophone, and a pile of wedding magazines. The ambiance and set was simply perfect for our girls to get comfortable, while getting pampered by our professional at Kate & Léa, gossiping and sipping their tea.


Once they were all dolled up, they were invited down in the garden of the Chateau Ramezay were a large mint buffet full of sweets waited them. When I organized the event, I had that large buffet and hutch I purchased a couple years back. I was debating about painting it in mint for some times now, and it gave me the excuse to do it. The result speaks for itself. It really became a unique and stunning piece. Beneath it, we placed a large chalk board were they could read a French version of: “A dessert buffet because a simple table wasn’t enough to tell you how sweet you are.”

Sweet Couture was the perfect cake artist to complete our theme. Her creations always have that girly and Victorian, and that’s exactly what we were looking for. She made the sweetest little hand painted cake with polka dot! A bigger one had an ornate gold leaf frame with a hand painted floral pattern inside of it. And what’s tea without cookies!? Look at them! They were so adorable. She simply couldn’t encompass our theme more beautifully.

Retro vintage pastel bridal shower wedding tea party 7 - Retro Pastel Dreams

Retro vintage pastel bridal shower wedding tea party 33 - Retro Pastel Dreams Retro vintage pastel bridal shower wedding tea party 12 - Retro Pastel Dreams Retro vintage pastel bridal shower wedding tea party 11 - Retro Pastel Dreams
Retro vintage pastel bridal shower wedding tea party 6 - Retro Pastel Dreams


Retro vintage pastel bridal shower wedding tea party 48 - Retro Pastel Dreams

To immortalize that day and to capture their friendship and love for each other we elaborated a nice little shoot into the garden. After getting pampered like this and surrounded by these amazing walls of vines, who wouldn’t want to take a few shots! To add a little wow factor, Charlotte Lefebvre did a large floral wreath full of cute little pastel flowers. It framed them amazingly. When it was time for me to style our girls, I already knew were to go! Boutique 1861 was the place to find that vintage girly look I was going for. I wanted something different for my girls to get ready in. Something other than the usual robe. Something that would accentuate their beautiful silhouette, make them feel sexy and comfortable. Being a fan of tutus myself I found those long airy ones with cute little lace top that were perfect! They also provided us multiple pastel dresses for them to enjoy during the day.

A lunch was finally served for our guest. For that occasion our bride was dressed in a tea length lace dress with a colorful teal petticoat from The Handmade Bride. Both bridesmaids added that pop of pastel color with one in a blush lace dress and the other in a mint dress with a lace collar. Large soft handmade fabric flowers with an arrangement of cascading lace and and silk ribbon were made for them. The combination of the colors and textures created an adorable and romantic feel.



Dressed under a canopy of branches, flowers and a breathtaking teacup chandelier, we elaborated a dazzling gold sequined table for lunch. Blush Victorian chairs surrounded the table for our guest to seat. Charlotte Lefebvre was a master making this chandelier a part of the large garden tree that hung over our table. We were all amazed by her work. There were really no words for it.

They were also welcomed with the cutest little polka dot macaroon favors. Both of the bridesmaid’s holded a delicate pearl bracelet. In front of them a little note saying: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” was attached to their teacup. The table was finally dressed with mismatched vintage china, glassware, a large doily and a floral table runner. All of them carefully selected to complete our color scheme and theme.


All of our vendors made this day perfect! All of them worked on it with pure passion and excitement. I hope you will enjoy going through it as we did working on it. 

Photographer:  Sonia Bourdon photography // Bridesmaid Dresses: Boutique 1861 // Floral Designer: Charlotte Lefebvre // Museum: Château Ramezay // Bakery: Farine et Chocolat // Dress Designer: Handmade Bride // Second Shooter: Jessica Grenon // Ring Designer: Jivan Collection // Makeup Artist: Kat et Lea  // Hair Stylist: Kat Et Lea // Calligrapher: Les petites choses // Cinema and Video: LUVE Films // Floral Designer: Mlle Artsy // Event Designer: Mlle Vintage // Design and Decor: Sparkle Pony // Culinary: SweetCouture

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