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Spring Baby Gift Guide

April 27, 2015
Spring Baby Gift Guide-8203

Spring Baby Gift Guide - Illustration by Parchment & Pixel

                                                                                                                                                                                                     *Illustration by Parchment & Pixel

All good things in life comes in waves and The Frosted Petticoat headquarters just got hit with a tsunami!  That’s right, the staff is having a bit of a baby boom and we’re up to our necks in all things chubby.  As many soon-to-be parents could probably sympathize, we are over our heads!  The plethora of products and services can be a tad bit overwhelming, to say the least.  So with our own little staff “expansion” taking place, we decided to share our picks for the best baby products of Spring 2015.  From maternity wear to nursery decor to stroller duds, we’ve got you covered.  For an extra special treat, make sure to enter the sweepstakes at the end of the post, where we’ll be giving away over $1,300 worth of prizes to one lucky winner!

The Best of Spring 2015


Now that you’ve seen our favorite baby products for Spring, it’s time to giveaway $1,300 worth of prizes to one lucky reader!  Some of the amazing products from the guide are included, but we’ve also added some of our other favorite products up for grabs.  Check out the prize list and make sure to enter below…

Giveaway Prizes

Special thanks to all the lovely companies who participated in our Gift Guide and Giveaway!  Please note that all products included in the Spring Baby Gift Guide were generously donated to the staff of The Frosted Petticoat for testing and review purposes.  All opinions expressed were our own.

Spring Baby Gift Guide
Article Name
Spring Baby Gift Guide
The staff is having a bit of a baby boom and we're up to our necks in all things chubby.
  1. The bath treads to line the bath tub so the babies won’t fall are my pick. It’s a functional piece with fun bright colors for the kids to enjoy.

  2. I like the functional, giant, and plush Puj towel. It’s practical for my kids, and I can make sure it dries up on its own hanger on the wall.

  3. I was browsing through maternity wear and found this cute little number

    Love the flowing material and how it accents the bump subtlety.

  4. I love this little dress. Sometimes I get self-conscious about my arms during pregnancy, so this dress is perfect! I’ll feel sexy and motherly all at the same time haha

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