Outlander Week: The Knickerbocker of Naples


As a 31-year-old educated, career driven, and devoted wife to a dreamy husband, there is something I’m a bit ashamed to admit.  I have a teenage-like obsession with Outlander.  Okay, more specifically with a certain red-haired, hunky fictional character in Outlander.  Ah, Jamie Fraser how you do my imagination right!  The romantic Scottish Highlands, the time-traveling adventure, the witty heroine, the calves (and I’m not talking about cows!)… it’s enough to make a lass swoon!  In all seriousness, this high quality, intricate historical fiction is truly one of the best book series and television shows out there.  If you haven’t seen it or read the books yet, I highly recommend it.  Come to think of it, I renege my initial embarrassment.  I am proud to be unhealthily obsessed with Outlander.  Take that, reality!

So with my confession out in the open, I can now freely admit the utter joy and anticipation I feel this week.  The Starz original series is coming back on April 4th with new episodes.  To which I say, slainte mhaith!  So, to commemorate this exciting television event, I am going to subject you (my lovely readers) to a weeks worth of Outlander themed weddings.  That’s right… OUTLANDER THEMED WEDDINGS!  (*Cue the fangirl fainting spell*)  Why am I doing this, you ask?  Because I’m the boss and I said so.  Hey, that argument always worked for my mom.  Every day this week, we’ll feature a new wedding inspired by the Scottish series that’ll be sure to knock your kilts off (finger’s crossed, Sam Heughan).  So, without further ado, let’s get down to the Highland festivities.  A talented group of wedding professionals wanted to create their own Highland romance in their (rather unlikely) home state of Florida.  Photographer Tiffany of TRK Photography explains the process behind the gorgeous day:

CocoLuna Events joined The Perfect Match Studio back in November, and upon joining, I was invited to do a styled photo shoot with some of the other studio members! Styled shoots are a lot of fun because it really gives you an opportunity to be creative. This one we styled with the Starz TV show Outlander as our inspiration. This Scottish tale really lends a lot of great ideas for a wedding.

I decided to focus in on some of the historic elements, but really wanted this Scottish style to have some modern twists specifically with the styling of the models. The table scape was designed to be very botanical with lots of herbs and loose, organic forms. We also had the privilege of having the Knickerbocker of Naples as our amazing setting, so we were able to play in nearly every room of the estate!



Photography: TRK Photography //Event Design:  CocoLuna Events // Venue:  The Knickerbocker of Naples // Floral Design: Naples Floral Design // Makeup:  Duality Artistry // Dress:  Tie the Knot Bridal // Invites:  Paradise Papers // Rentals:  Niche Event Rental // Vintage Rentals: Sweet Southern Charm // Concierge Studio: The Perfect Match

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

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