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Anna Campbell: Forever Entwined

A few weeks ago I received a lovely message from the staff at Anna Campbell designs, inviting me to get a sneak peek of Anna’s new collection and sit down with the designer herself during NYC’s Bridal Fashion Week.  I graciously accepted the invitation, closed my office door, and danced a little jig in front of my desk.  Needless to say, I was very excited. And if you’re a follower of this talented designer, you would understand the root of my enthusiasm.  Her designs are stunning!  The things that dreams and fairytales are made of, an Anna Campbell wedding gown is the epitome of timeless beauty.

So the day arrived when I was to head to the trendy NYC neighborhood of Tribeca and get an exclusive tour of the new collection by Anna herself.  Bringing along our blog fashion editor and all around talented illustrator, Annie from Parchment & Pixel we arrived to find a room filled with sparkles and lace.  Or in other words… Heaven.  We had died and gone to Heaven. And there to greet us at the pearly gates, was the captivating Anna Campbell.


Nothing but sophistication and loveliness, Anna walked us through the delicious display of bridal cuffs, headpieces, and gowns.  The ‘Forever Entwined’ collection is as dreamy as the name implies.   Inspired by pure decadence and glamour, the collection is meant to reflect the internal beauty and joy that every bride should feel on her wedding day.  “The design process was all about creating show-stopping, mesmerizing pieces so that when the bride steps into her dress, she feels overwhelmingly gorgeous”, Anna said.  Well Anna, I have two words for you: Mission. Accomplished.


So, how does this talented designer achieve such an ethereal look? As Anna explained, “the range incorporates enchanting guipure laces that sparkle with soft sequins as well as delicate, hand-beaded French lace.”  Committed to exemplar quality, Anna oversees the hand-finishing of all her items in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia.  This attention to detail is clearly visible throughout the collection.  From the delicate lace to the immaculate beading, Anna certainly takes pride in her work.  Take for example, the ‘Harper’ design as modeled by the gorgeous (and very sweet!) Melody Le below.  Rarely do you see such perfectly executed, intricate lace and sparkle combined on a wedding gown in such perfect harmony.


When we asked her which of the gowns is her favorite, she understandably couldn’t choose.  “There’s something in this collection for every bride and I’m so excited about each and every piece that it’s impossible to select a favorite”, Anna explained.  So then I guess Petticoat Nation, we leave it up to you to decide which is your favorite.  However, as you peruse the sampling of stunning designs in the ‘Forever Entwined’ collection below, we challenge you to pick only one…


Yes, I know… impossible to choose just one favorite, right?!  Well, at least you won’t have to wait to get your hands on a gown since the collection is now available in stores and online at

As an extra special treat and at the sweet request of Anna, our ridiculously talented collaborator Annie Havlicek de Sanchez of Parchment & Pixel illustrated one of the gowns.  Learn more about the illustration process here, but in the meantime enjoy the oh-so-dreamy art piece by our fabulous friend…
Special thanks to the lovely staff at Anna Campbell! Promotional materials credit: 35mm Wedding Photography, Melonie Santos, 391 Milk and Honey, Flowers in a Vase, Saasha Burns of Chadwicks, Melody Le.

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