Unlikely Union: Sam Heughan + Jessica Rabbit-5493

Unlikely Union: Sam Heughan + Jessica Rabbit

Hold onto your knickers, Petticoat Nation! Today we’re bringing back our ‘Unlikely Union’ series with the vengeance of a thousand angry Highlanders.  For those of you who are new to our ‘Unlikely Union’ boards, here’s how they work:  you give us any two celebrities, real or fiction, living or dead, married or single and we’ll show you what their wedding would look like.  The only rule? They have to be two people who are so different, the likelihood of them ever getting married is a statistical improbability.  In the past, our readers have witnessed the delusional nuptials of Angelina Jolie & Mr. Darcy, Ryan Gosling & Nicki Minaj, and Mary Poppins & James Dean… just to name a few!

sam 2Bheughan 2Bgirlfriend 2Bwife 2Bmarried 2Bdating 2Blove - Unlikely Union: Sam Heughan + Jessica Rabbit
Photo of Sam Heughan courtesy of Just Jared;
Illustration of Jessica Rabbit courtesy of Disney.

Who are the two lovebirds set to wed on this beautiful day of shameless imagination? Outlander’s Sam Heughan and Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Jessica Rabbit.  Right about now you may be scratching your head, wondering where in the world we came up with this combination. Well, in a recent interview, Sam confessed that his childhood crush was the cartoon vixen. So today we’re here to make all his adolescent (and rather improbable) dreams come true!  And if you ask me, it sets the stage for some bad-ass nuptials!  Cue the inspiration board…

Collages1b - Unlikely Union: Sam Heughan + Jessica Rabbit
Collage2b - Unlikely Union: Sam Heughan + Jessica Rabbit
As always, we like to support local artists and small businesses… so all the items featured in the board are from some of our favorite Etsy sellers! 
Who would have thought that marrying a patriotic Scottish actor with an overtly sexualized cartoon character would have all the makings for an awesome wedding?! And as far as my husband is concerned, this post has nothing to do with his suspicion of my “unhealthy obsession with that sexy Scottish actor”… I admit to nothing! 😉
What ‘Unlikely Union’ do you want to see next?  Graham McTavish and Smurfette? Tobias Menzies and Madonna? Shout out your requests below!

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

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  1. Jules says:

    What if Claire married Black Jack?

    1. Sam, Editor of The Frosted Petticoat says:

      Oooh! I like it! Could have a little S&M mixed in with 1940s glamour! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    YESS!! THIS IS AMAZING! Love the Graham Mctavish & Smurfette union idea hahahaha

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