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Petticoat Review: Leonisa Swimwear

Listen up, ladies!  With summer in full swing, it’s time for us to have a serious discussion about a topic none of us enjoys talking about.  Yup that’s right, we can no longer avoid the talk about “swimwear”!  Duh, duh, duuuuh!  Whether you are curvy or waify, shaped like an apple or pear, every girl has a legitimate reason to dread bikini season. Seriously, who came up with the bright idea that women should come out of winter hibernation and dive head first into two tiny pieces of fabric?!  Sounds like a miscalculated male conspiracy, if you ask me.  Well joke’s on you, boys!

Being a body conscious gal myself, I prefer to ignore the impending mad dash for flattering swimsuits until about a day before my first beach outing of the year.  However it’s important to note that side effects of such fashion procrastination can lead to instant regret over the last double cream donut you ate and mini meltdowns in public changing rooms.  Other common side effects include the uncontrollable urge to do sit-ups and a sarong shopping addiction.  So naturally when I was approached by Leonisa to review their new line of swimwear, trepidation swept over me like a wave on the hot summer sand.

The horrible feeling of dread quickly dispelled when I saw the wonderful options I had to choose from.  Although Leonisa has some trendy monokinis and bikinis for the brave at heart, I have three wonderous words for the rest of us gals – TUMMY CONTROL SWIMWEAR!  That’s right, Leonisa has done a service to all woman kind and introduced technology from their innovative shapewear into the world of bathing suits.  Hallelujah!  And the cherry on top?  They don’t at all resemble your grandma’s ever-so-attractive floral one-piece.  These cookies are actually in line with our modern day trends, have structure, and (dare I say) are super sexy.

Now to save myself from the inevitable regret and self loathing that would come with posting half nude photos of myself on a public forum, y’all are just going to have to settle for unobtainably skinny models in the fabulous designs.  But I will say that when I tried on the Sophisticated Mesh one-piece featured below, not only did it suck and tuck in all the right places, it elicited a “hubba hubba” cat call from the husband.  Mission. Accomplished.  So, build up some hot-weather courage and get yourself one of these gorgeous Leonisa bathing suits…

leonisa+swim+swimsuit+suit+molokini+bikini+one+piece+swimwear+summer+retro+modern+hipster+boho+bohemian+aztec+color+tropical+3 - Petticoat Review:  Leonisa Swimwear
Sophisticated Mesh One-Piece Swimsuit
leonisa+swim+swimsuit+suit+molokini+bikini+one+piece+swimwear+summer+retro+modern+hipster+boho+bohemian+aztec+color+tropical+2 - Petticoat Review:  Leonisa Swimwear
Sensual One-Piece Swimsuit
leonisa+swim+swimsuit+suit+molokini+bikini+one+piece+swimwear+summer+retro+modern+hipster+boho+bohemian+aztec+color+tropical+5 - Petticoat Review:  Leonisa Swimwear
Reversible Bandeau Top & Adjustable String Bottom
leonisa+swim+swimsuit+suit+molokini+bikini+one+piece+swimwear+summer+retro+modern+hipster+boho+bohemian+aztec+color+tropical+1 - Petticoat Review:  Leonisa Swimwear
Tribal Plunge Monokini
leonisa+swim+swimsuit+suit+molokini+bikini+one+piece+swimwear+summer+retro+modern+hipster+boho+bohemian+aztec+color+tropical+4 - Petticoat Review:  Leonisa Swimwear
Floral Strapless Tankini
leonisa+swim+swimsuit+suit+molokini+bikini+one+piece+swimwear+summer+retro+modern+hipster+boho+bohemian+aztec+color+tropical+7 - Petticoat Review:  Leonisa Swimwear
Sensual Strapless Bandeau & Ruched Bikini Bottom

For more dreamy swimwear, make sure to check out all of Leonisa’s designs here!

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