A Starry Night

Looking for a unique wedding theme?  How about styling your event after your favorite piece of art?  Well, that’s exactly what planner Amber from Save The Date Events did for this fabulous shoot.  Inspired by the iconic Starry Night painting by Van Gogh, here’s what Amber had to say about the affair:

I wanted to show brides that they can take their love for absolutely anything — even if it’s different, edgy, or artistic — and bring it to life on their wedding day.  To demonstrate, I chose the dreamy painting Starry Night to serve as a muse.  I wanted to capture the intense colors, movement, textured brush strokes, and iconic shapes within each aspect of the shoot.  

The amazing vendor team and I decided to put a lot of emphasis on lighting.  From there we just tried to follow the colors, atmosphere, and shapes by using deep blue, green, and yellow.  Scenes were carefully painted on each section of the cake.  Then the painted cake was placed on a shelf and suspended from the ceiling for a three-dimensional effect, allowing it to double as both dessert and art. Plum Sage included a mix of fresh and tissue paper flowers in blue glass to bring texture and depth to the scenery.  

One of my favorite moments was when the photographer projected a large image of the actual painting onto a wal of draped ivory fabric.  It really felt like the models were briefly whisked away into a live version of the painting!  We hope a shoot like this can inspire brides to really take something they love in life and carry it out on their wedding day.

art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+1 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+6 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+5 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+7 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+4 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+3 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+8 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+9 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+2 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+10 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+14 - A Starry Night

art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+13 - A Starry Night
art+modern+wedding+blue+yellow+starry+night+van+gogh+invitations+centerpiece+table+reception+bride+bridal+gown+black+white+hipster+unique+offbeat+harper+point+photography+12 - A Starry Night

Photography:  Harper Point Photography
Event Planning:  Save the Date Events
Floral Design:  Plum Sage Flowers
Lighting:  Lighting & Design by Scott
Hair & Makeup:  Lady Charm Artistry
Dress:  Anna Be
Furniture & Fabric:  Pink Monkey Solutions
Stationary:  Sweet Zion Paperie
Rentals:  Event Rentals
Cake:  Intricate Icings

Venue:  McNichols Building

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the whimsical life of accidental photographer, stylist, & writer, Sam. Her approachable and fun style has received critical acclaim from such media outlets as The Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed. In addition to running a successful photography & content creation business, Sam also serves as a contributing writer for and Scary Mommy.

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