Detail Spotlight – Bridal Portraits

For those of us who have already been brides, we know that taking bridal portraits on your wedding day wasn’t as glamorous as it looks.  Between getting your shoes on to the constant inundation of wedding guests crashing the bridal suite, there’s usually very little time to sneak in those pesky must-have photos.  So, how do you get the perfect glamor shots without looking stressed?  Plan them out!

Haley did just that on her wedding day.  With a clear vision of a “southern charm” wedding, this gorgeous bride made sure her bridal portraits would include meaningful touches that were on theme.  From the rustic location to her bridal boots to the heirloom chairs, this is one portrait session that screams of a perfectly serene day…

Southern+charm+belle+cowgirl+cowboy+rustic+outdoor+vintage+boots+horse+farm+barn+south+north+carolina+blonde+bride+style+hair+hairdo+updo+half+updo+Mallory+Dawn+Photography+6 - Detail Spotlight - Bridal Portraits
Southern+charm+belle+cowgirl+cowboy+rustic+outdoor+vintage+boots+horse+farm+barn+south+north+carolina+blonde+bride+style+hair+hairdo+updo+half+updo+Mallory+Dawn+Photography+4 - Detail Spotlight - Bridal Portraits
Southern+charm+belle+cowgirl+cowboy+rustic+outdoor+vintage+boots+horse+farm+barn+south+north+carolina+blonde+bride+style+hair+hairdo+updo+half+updo+Mallory+Dawn+Photography+8 - Detail Spotlight - Bridal Portraits
Southern+charm+belle+cowgirl+cowboy+rustic+outdoor+vintage+boots+horse+farm+barn+south+north+carolina+blonde+bride+style+hair+hairdo+updo+half+updo+Mallory+Dawn+Photography+7 - Detail Spotlight - Bridal Portraits
Southern+charm+belle+cowgirl+cowboy+rustic+outdoor+vintage+boots+horse+farm+barn+south+north+carolina+blonde+bride+style+hair+hairdo+updo+half+updo+Mallory+Dawn+Photography+3 - Detail Spotlight - Bridal Portraits
Southern+charm+belle+cowgirl+cowboy+rustic+outdoor+vintage+boots+horse+farm+barn+south+north+carolina+blonde+bride+style+hair+hairdo+updo+half+updo+Mallory+Dawn+Photography+9 - Detail Spotlight - Bridal Portraits
Southern+charm+belle+cowgirl+cowboy+rustic+outdoor+vintage+boots+horse+farm+barn+south+north+carolina+blonde+bride+style+hair+hairdo+updo+half+updo+Mallory+Dawn+Photography+2 - Detail Spotlight - Bridal Portraits
Photography:  Mallory Dawn Photography
Hair:  Hair Worx
Event Design:  Events to Remember by Sherry
Floral Design:  August Lily
Dress Store:  Bedazzled Bridal
Alternations:  Alternations by Christy
Makeup:  Tiffany Faith Makeup
Location:  Morning Glory Farm

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the whimsical life of accidental photographer, stylist, & writer, Sam. Her approachable and fun style has received critical acclaim from such media outlets as The Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed. In addition to running a successful photography & content creation business, Sam also serves as a contributing writer for and Scary Mommy.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Those are beautiful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s my beautiful sister in law <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m getting married here in October! I am so excited. Beautiful pictures!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures and location!

  5. May says:

    Love the farm! Where is that?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Morning Glory Farm is in Monroe NC. It is awesome.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She’s beautiful!

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