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The Farmer’s Baby

February 17, 2012
Spring is just around the corner and with it comes flowers, sunshine, and… BABIES!  Yup, it’s baby season my friends and that can only mean one thing – baby showers!!!  Woohoo!  So, let’s kick off the season right with a shower design request from one of our Frosted Moms-to-Be:

Dear FP,
I love everything that represents middle-America and want my baby shower to be farm/rustic themed.  However, when I tell everyone this they automatically assume I want it to be a farm-animal party.  I don’t want my party to be a Old McDonald cliche, but I’m in a design rutt and don’t know where to go with it.  Any suggestions?

Well Betsy, if you ask me the possibilites are endless!  But in order to narrow down the design choices, we say out with the animals and in with all things pastel & shabby chic:

Farm+baby+shower+rustic+nature+shabby+chic+baby+shower+birthday+party+pie+cake+mobile - The Farmer's Baby
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+1 - The Farmer's Baby
Baby Tutu by Tutu Chic Boutique
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+2 - The Farmer's Baby
Vintage Fabric Wall Art by Graham and Olive
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+3 - The Farmer's Baby
Hen Ornament by Bozena Wojtaszek
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+4 - The Farmer's Baby
Daisy Headband by Maisey’s Daiseys
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+5 - The Farmer's Baby
Wildflower Photo Art by Dsbrennan
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+6 - The Farmer's Baby
Birds in the Clouds Mobile by Pretty Plush
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+7 - The Farmer's Baby
Blueberry Pie Pops by Cakewalk Desserts
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+8 - The Farmer's Baby
Bundt Cake by One Sweet Day
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+9 - The Farmer's Baby
Wall Stencil by Royal Design Stencils
Farm+shabby+chic+rustic+vintage+baby+shower+pregnancy+maternity+mother+pregnant+nursery+shower+green+blue+yellow+pink+10 - The Farmer's Baby
Inspirational Print by DigitalCS
Mixing multi-colored pastels with complimentary floral textures will give the party that overall “Home Sweet Farm” feel.  Also adding good old American staples like bundt cake and blueberry pie pops will be sure to leave the sheep in the pasture & the yums in your guests’ tummies!
  1. What gorgeous ideas! I want to be on the guest list at this baby shower! Thank you so much for including my headband amongst all the other fabulous items!

  2. Beautiful soft palette that captures shabby chic, yet gently rustic at the same time. Love your suggestions and the sample collection is perfect! Great job FP!

  3. What a beautiful collection! Very sweet! I love your color selection!:)
    Thank you so much for adding my card in this lovely list!!!
    Mercedes ♥

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