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Queen of Hearts

October 28, 2011
We love unique party themes and today we want to salute a frosted bride of ours, Alice, who will be appropriately having an “Alice in Wonderland” themed wedding.  We think she should take it up a notch and begin the festivities early!  So Alice, why not be the Queen of Hearts at your bridal shower?
bridal+shower+gifts+red+black+white+theme+garden+party+alice+in+wonderland+wedding - Queen of Hearts
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+1 - Queen of Hearts
Flower Garland:  She Shell
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+2 - Queen of Hearts
Chalkboard Bracelet:  Her Majesty’s Pug
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+3 - Queen of Hearts
Black Lace Lingerie:  Naughty Naughty
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+4 - Queen of Hearts
Vintage Red Curtain:  Queen Decor
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+5 - Queen of Hearts
Lolita Earrings:  Made by Mada
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+6 - Queen of Hearts
Vintage Shoes:  Agnes the Owl
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+7 - Queen of Hearts
Red Rose Garter:  NY Leather Rose
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+8 - Queen of Hearts
Mustache Invites:  Sweet Harvey
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+9 - Queen of Hearts
Ruffled Cuffs:  My Secret Face
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+10 - Queen of Hearts
Shoe Clips:  Chloe and Maddie
Black+white+red+vintage+alice+in+wonderland+queen+of+hearts+lingerie+bachelorette+party+bridal+shower+bride+11 - Queen of Hearts
Red Rose Choker:  Crafts 2 Cherish

Taking a snippet of your wedding theme and translating it into your bridal shower is always a devilishly delightful treat for your guests!  So, off with their heads!!!

Coral Necklace:  Devika Box
Silk Pillow Decor:  Mi Casa Bella

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