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Eco Pleasures

June 16, 2011
I often receive messages from newly engaged brides-to-be whom are overwhelmed by one daunting question:  Where do I start?!  With all the bridal magazines, pretty blogs, and (let’s face it) motherly opinions, the start of your wedding planning can be a very confusing time.   One bride-to-be in particular wrote in frustration that her “eco-friendly” outdoor wedding was off to a horrid start.  None of the favor or wedding shops carried green products and she worried that her search was in vain.

Well fear not, tulle warrior! Your quest can easily begin in the place where dreams are made, in a land of whimsical fairies and talking butterflies, in a world of limitless imagination… yes my friends, I speak of the magical land of ETSY!  Here lives a world only rivaled by the ceaseless fantasies of children.  And to prove my boundless love for the site, I present an inspiration board for our Frosted bride in search of an eco-friendly outdoor wedding…

eco+friendly+green+outdoor+rustic+wedding+bride+dress+reception - Eco Pleasures
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+1 - Eco Pleasures
Succulents Plant Favors/Decor: Succulents Galore 
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+2 - Eco Pleasures
Birk Bark Wood Napkin Rings: Bragging Bags
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+3 - Eco Pleasures
Felted Acorn Decor: Fairy Folk
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+4 - Eco Pleasures
Lace & Cotton Bridal Wrap: Ruby Chic Originals
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+5 - Eco Pleasures
Bridseed Toss Bags: The Papery Nook
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+6 - Eco Pleasures
Vase Escort Cards: Joblake
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+7 - Eco Pleasures
Wedding Ring: Dreams and Jewelry
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+8 - Eco Pleasures
Bridal Rosette Headband: RCC Couture (Therese Marie Photography)
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+9 - Eco Pleasures
Rosette Bouquet & Boutonniere: Rosebud Lips
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+10 - Eco Pleasures
Organic Flower Girl Dress: Dress Baby Beautiful (Sierra Studios Photography)
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+11 - Eco Pleasures
Natural History Boutonniere: Sparkle and Posy
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+12 - Eco Pleasures
Seaglass Hair Pins: Beach Glow 
green+eco+friendly+organic+mother+earth+nature+rustic+outdoor+garden+wedding+bride+bridal+13 - Eco Pleasures
All Natural Soap Favors: Roots Soap Co.
With the looming changes in the climate and uncertainty of the country’s economic situation, Etsy is the perfect place to show your love for the Earth & your local artist!  
Recycled Wedding Save the Date: Sweet Cookie
  1. Oh, what wonderfully magical picks… Love them all.
    Blessings and magic,
    Fairyfolk and DovieMoon

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