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Oh-cean, Baby!

May 2, 2011
I received a frantic Facebook message today from one of your fellow Petticoaters, it read: “Inspiration please!  Planning an ocean themed baby shower for someone who likes victorian!”  Well, Lilly… I heard you loud & clear.  For a member of the Petticoat Nation I shall venture where I have never ventured before… BABY SHOWERS!  What?!  Baby shower you say?!  Yes!  I shall not be pigeonholed!  So, without further ado.. for lovely Lilly, an Ocean-themed baby shower of the Victorian persuasion…
Sea+Vintage+Ocean+Blue+Aqua+Turquoise+Wedding+Baby+Shower+Theme - Oh-cean, Baby!
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+1 - Oh-cean, Baby!
Victorian Mermaid Favor Bag: Jennifer’s Cookies
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+2 - Oh-cean, Baby!
Footprint Necklace: Two Farm Chicks
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+3 - Oh-cean, Baby!
Victorian Octopus Onesie: Chi Town Boutique
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+4 - Oh-cean, Baby!
Flagpole Cake Topper: Jamie Mancilla
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+5 - Oh-cean, Baby!
Victorian Ocean Baby Stickers: Seasonal Delights
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+6 - Oh-cean, Baby!
Ocean Colored Pom Poms: Pom Love
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+7 - Oh-cean, Baby!
“It’s a Shower” Vintage Tags: French Country
Blue+ocean+beach+baby+shower+theme+sea+mermaid+octopus+victorian+green+mint+seafoam+baby+shower+party+8 - Oh-cean, Baby!
Victorian Baby Shower Invitation: Bnute
Watch out other mommies, your baby is going to have some serious octopus envy!
Victorian Stork: Zeppi Prints
Vintage Heart Garland: Pickled Parlor
Victorian Baby Headband: Little Diva and Dude
Ocean Cookies: Bees Knees Creative
Starfish Soap Favors: Sherry Scotties
Seafoam Booties: Heather Bays
Oh-cean, Baby!
Article Name
Oh-cean, Baby!
I received a frantic Facebook message today from one of your fellow Petticoaters, it read: "Inspiration please! Planning an ocean themed baby shower for someone who likes victorian!"
  1. What a fabulous inspiration…I love the array of cool colors and the whimsical oceanic theme…baby showers can be so much more than pastel pink and blue!!

  2. Love paper pom poms like that. I used them on a baby shower this past fall and they were beautiful. It really fills up a space with alot of color.

  3. This is great! Thanks so much for including me! I really like your blog, I will follow you.
    I LOVE that octopus onesie. I am moving in three weeks, but as soon as I have a new address I will for sure be purchasing that!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for including my stork print in this beautiful inspiration board. I love the colors you used! Great Job!
    Robin at Zeppi Prints

  5. Dear Ms F. Petticoat,
    Your Oh’cean Baby board is INSPIRATIONAL! I think it is just precious. It makes me want to have another baby… oh yeah I’m 50…it makes me want my daughter’s to give me more grandchildren! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

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